DMX wants to fight George Zimmerman in celebrity boxing match

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SANFORD, FL – When celebrities reach a rough patch, they try to find ways to re-vamp their careers. Maybe that’s what DMX is doing. Word is he wants to step into the ring and fight George Zimmerman. And it seems Zimmerman is trying to make a career out of his murder trial.

He was acquitted last year in the deadly February 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. Now he’s agreed to be part of a celebrity boxing match. Neither DMX nor Zimmerman have signed on the dotted line, so nothing’s official.

Not surprising, the idea isn’t going down so well. Many are calling for a boycott of the fight. A petition was even made on to cancel it. But the fact that the announcement was made on February 5, what would’ve been Trayvon’s 19th birthday, just leaves a lot of people feeling like they’re the one that got punched in the gut.