Elderly woman holds husband hostage for over five hours

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LA MARQUE, TX – Hostage scenes are perilous; but this one in La Marque also has a strange twist: an elderly woman in her 70s who refused to let her husband leave the house.

After receiving a tip from the woman’s brother, cops arrived at the scene along with a hostage negotiator, ready to diffuse the situation.

Though little old ladies aren’t normally very threatening, officials say this lady had access to weapons, and family members reported that she had threatened to kill her husband in the past. Scary stuff.

“We’re very shocked and surprised,” one neighbor said. “We’re not used to the commotion, it’s usually very quiet in this area.”

Luckily, the tale of this dramatic standoff has an uneventful ending.

After over five hours of negotiating, officers were able to take the woman into custody without incident, and her husband is a free man once again. No word on the state of the marriage, but Valentine’s Day might be a little awkward.