One day from Olympic Opening Ceremonies, problems continue

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SOCHI, RUSSIA – The Department of Homeland Security issued another warning on Thursday that explosive materials could be hidden in toothpaste tubes on flights bound for Sochi.

That word came, as athletes continued to arrive and more dignitaries than any other games are headed to Sochi, Russia. The Olympics have not even begun, but they have been marred by problems.

Beyond the security concerns, a number of hotels (particularly ones for the media) are unfinished.

“We definitely didn’t have light bulbs in our lamps and the bathtub isn’t really there. It’ll probably fall apart,” says American tourist Gabriella Kouchacji.

All the issues are ripe for social media, but alas, there are problems in that department too.

Russia has some of the most sophisticated hackers in the world, and the second folks log-online with their smartphones and computers, they are reportedly susceptible to a cyber-hit.

On a somewhat fluffy, or, creamier note, Russia is also rejecting U.S imports of Chobani. The Greek yogurt containers were supposed to be delivered for American athletes, but U.S officials say Russia is halting them because of their “unattainable” customs requirements.

Whatever the case, it’s just souring the whole situation even more.