Selena Gomez in rehab; Justin Bieber allegedly smokes out plane

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WICKENBURG, AZ – If we had a dollar for every time we heard about a celebrity checking into rehab, we’d have a lot of money. The latest is Selena Gomez. Her reps say she checked herself into the Meadows Recovery Center in Arizona. But before you jump to any conclusions, she’s not hitting up any of the hard stuff. She supposedly just needs to “take some time for herself.” Uhm, then why not just take a vacation?!

Rumor has it that Selena’s been partying hard with prescription drugs and pot for the past few weeks.

If there’s anyone who’s familiar with that, it’d be her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. There’s more accusations against him now. The pilots of Justin’s private that flew him from Canada to New Jersey last week claim they were allegedly forced to wear oxygen masks because the Biebs hotboxed the plane — you know, overflowing an enclosed space with Mary Jane.

With the Biebs seemingly in every headline lately, we could all use a little rehab to get off him.