Shutting down pill mills leading to a rise in heroin use

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HOUSTON, TX – John Belushi, Cory Montheith and now Philip Seymour Hoffman. When stars die of a heroin overdose it forces us to look at how addictive, destructive and deadly heroin is.

Houston, we have a problem. Heroin use is on the rise. And Roy Ortega, a counselor at Cenikor, says law enforcement cracking down on pill mills is driving prescription drug addicts to heroin.

Kyle agrees. Kyle is one year clean and sober. While in Houston, Kyle abused prescription drugs.  But after a move to Michigan, Kyle’s addiction pushed him into heroin.

He explains how in Michigan, they don’t have pill mills that churn out illegitimate prescriptions of opiates, so the addicts there all do heroin and meth.

Now no one thinks shutting down pill mills is a bad thing. But without a steady supply, Kyle sees how it might push addicts towards heroin.

After a bumpy road, Kyle got the help he needed and is committing his life to helping others that suffer from addiction.

That’s good, because with the increase of smack headed to town, we want to keep the term “H-Town” referring only to “Houston.”