Wendy Davis changes her mind on open carry gun law

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s official. State Senator Wendy Davis has gone from standing, to running, to gunning it!

The Democrat is joining her top Republican rival in the race for Texas governor, Attorney General Greg Abbott, in supporting a proposed “open carry” law. Because well, why not? It’s Texas!

In a statement, Davis says the law would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to sport their pistols on their hips in full view while in public.

Even though changing her stance on guns in public goes against her party, the switch-around puts her right in line with all the gun-lovin’ folks right here in Texas. And, it heats up the race between her and Abbott.

“By her coming out and doing this, it makes her look like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. Texans are not buying it, because they know they know she has stood for laws that threaten Second Amendment rights,” said Abbott.

Guess we’ll see which way the rest of Texas sways in November.