Republicans setting up fake websites for Democratic candidates

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – We live in a fake world, folks. Fake smiles, fake Facebook persona, Madonna’s fake British accent. But now the National Republican Congressional campaign has taken the trend to a whole new level, by setting up fake websites for Democratic candidates and deceiving unsuspecting donors.

We’re talking about at least 15 websites across the country. They looked official, had nice pictures of the candidates, but they included negative messages and a donate button intended not to support the Democrats but to defeat them.

“We were pretty shocked, actually that they had left a lot of URLs sitting out there for their candidates,” explained Daniel Scarpinato from the National Republican Congressional Committee. “We figured, well, if they’re not gonna use them, we will.”

But not everyone in the GOP is feeling proud about these tactics: “It’s wrong,” said Jared Woodfill, Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. “Nobody should be misrepresenting another campaign based on a fake website. So,  those tactics are not responsible, they’re not appreciated and they have no business in politics, regardless of what your party affiliation may be.”

Even Senator Wendy Davis, who not long ago put a creative spin on her own life story, is now complaining that an unknown group is asking for donations on her behalf.  So, fake it till you make it.

That’s the rule of the game, and whatever is left after that you can call it “Democracy”.

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