Border Patrol checking flowers for drugs

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EL PASO, TX – Ah, Valentine’s Day; a day for lovers, givers and drug dealers?

Yup, apparently some people think it’s a good idea to try and smuggle drugs, like heroin, cocaine and marijuana in flowers.

They usually hide the contraband in the fragile plant’s petals to try and sneak ’em across the border from Mexico. Because, if you didn’t know, that’s where a lot of our flowering beauties come from this time of year.

But, Border Patrol wants you to know they’re already on to the scheme and are ferociously checking all the flowers people are bringing through.

And, speaking of being ferocious, if you’ve got somebody on a hate list this V-Day, did you know some sites are selling old and rotten flowers for you to give away?

Buyers can choose from ‘Morticia’, ‘I love you, not’, and ‘Bad lay.’ Because, it seems like, these days, nothing says I loathe you like a nice batch of dirty, drug-filled flowers. Sheesh! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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