Classic bungalow transformed into restaurant with pool

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HOUSTON, TX – Happy Valentine’s Day Houston. Where are you going tonight? Drinks out on the town? Dinner at Chez Fifi? Well, you could settle in next the fireplace for a glass of wine and sparkling conversation. Or sit out by the garden and watch the fish swim past the waterfall in the lagoon. Or you could do all three.

Welcome to Baba Yega.

“Baba Yega opened in 1975 and, actually, it opened as a bar,” Manager Molly Schnitzius says. “It was like a neighborhood bar, it had foosball, pool table, and then it wasn’t until a couple of years later it started to serve sandwiches and then it became just a cafe.”

The little place on Grant Street started in a bungalow with a few tables around the fireplace and a patio out back. Then the house next door became available, and the garage apartment out back. Today it’s nearly a full city block of old houses converted into a meandering indoor/outdoor palisade of pristine gardens and restaurant seating.

“They have a beautiful, beautiful patio,” customer Richard Golden explains, “and they have excelent food.”

And the at-home feel is by design. Chew on This: when a fire destroyed the place back in the 90’s, the owners had the option of constructing a new building more fit for a restaurant. Instead, they rebuilt the same cobbled row of bungalow houses and wandering patios they’re known for today.

“There’s a certain feel to that, you know,” Schnitzius says. “I mean, there’s a lot of beautiful restaurants around, but not all of them can have that kind of homey feel like we have.”

They’re also one of a few restaurants in town offering walk-in seating on Valentine’s Day. So if you haven’t made reservations yet, you still have a chance. But you’d better hurry. Now that the secret’s out, there’s no telling how long those empty seats will last.

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