Cy Woods athlete overcomes hardships

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CYPRESS, TX – “Seeing her face and just how much it drained her. It just hurt and I just told myself that I was going to get somewhere and excel in whatever I do.”

Cypress Woods’ Aaron Austin has been able to excel to the point where he is CW39’s Class Act  of the Week. An honor he has earned by being a two sport star while maintaining his grades. All, while having to deal with cancer invading his family life.

Cy Woods High School basketball coach Chris Draudt says,  “When you see someone like your mom going through something as difficult as fighting cancer and having to go through those chemotherapy treatments and stuff like that. That takes a toll on your family , It takes a toll on a young person like Aaron.”

Austin adds, “Seeing her go through the pain, the struggle and the chemo while lying in bed. She couldn’t move really and I had to do things around the house to help her out. Try take care of her.”

Austin has been forced to grow up real fast. He has turned his pain into a positive on the cross country course and on the hardwood.

Draudt says, “I think he is a good student and it is twice as hard for him because he runs cross country and plays basketball so for us he’s always got practice after school or has a game this time of year, but he stays committed to cross country and he is here every day at 6:00 AM and does his workout with the cross country team even outside of their season.”

Austin says, “Running is very mental. When your body is shutting down on you, you just tell yourself to get through it. I talk to myself through most of the race just to keep myself occupied. Tell myself what I am going to do and game plan.”

Austin hopes to be able to run in college, but at this point, he still doesn’t know where he will go to college. You’ll have to cut him some slack because obviously he has other matters to think about other than just school.

“It makes very happy to know she is getting through it. She’s surviving, and just I don’t know what I’d do without my mom. So I’m out here doing everything I can for her.”

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