Facebook offers 50 new gender options

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MENLO PARK, CA – Back in the day, gender roles were pretty clearly defined, and you only really had two choices, male or female.

But times have changed, and Facebook is changing along with them.

The social media giant has announced that they’re making their gender options more diverse. And we’re talking really diverse.

You can still be male or female, or you now have the option to choose ‘custom.’

But wait, there’s more. If you select custom, you have a wealth of gender options at your fingertips.

Start typing female and you get a list that includes female to male, cis female, trans female, and more.

If you don’t want to box yourself in, you can declare yourself neither, androgynous, or gender nonconforming.

In addition to choosing a gender, you can also let your friends know what pronoun you prefer – female, male, or neutral.

The options are nearly endless. Facebook says their mission with this update is to help users better express their own identities. Well, looks like mission accomplished.

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