Singing quartet seranades Mayor Annise Parker at City Hall

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HOUSTON, TX – What are you getting for Valentines Day?  Chocolates?  Roses?  Well when you’re Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, you get your valentine serenaded to you at City Hall.

The “Silver Statesman,” in association with The Houston Tidelanders, put a big ol’ smile on the mayor’s face for this Valentine’s Day, as they do for many in and around the Houston area every year.

And even as these dashing gents take off a day from work to woo your valentine with a song, the money goes towards their organization to represent Houston at international competitions.

Emotions run high when these golden voices show up just for you,  and sometimes, it’s hard for the talent to not get a little choked up.

Mayor Parker couldn’t keep this generous gift all to herself.  She invited her staff up to share in this holiday harmony.  Good luck topping these guys Houston, you’ve got your Valentines Day gift giving cut out for you.

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