The push for affordable health care enrollment continues in Texas

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HOUSTON, TX – “Now I’m covered. Now for the first time you can be covered….”

The public service announcement for the Affordable Health Care system has fallen on deaf ears in Texas.

Representative Gene Green (D-Texas 29) says, “Texas leads the nation in number of percentages and number of uninsured.”

That reality has forced congressional leaders in the Houston area to get the message out, that now is the time to get covered.

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius hopes her visit to the area can help spread the word.

Sebelius says, “Almost 5 million residents of Texas have no health insurance. 5 million people. 92 percent of those residents would be eligible to sign up for health insurance.”

In area of the Bayou City, over one million residents are without insurance. Leaders are hoping that these alarming numbers will turn around over the next six weeks.

Betsy Furlar enrolled in Obamacare earlier this year and she says it’s saving her family a bundle, “She said I need to look in to Obamacare. Yeah you do, because then you can probably get a better policy. I know the policy we have now is one of the best that we’ve had over the years.”

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel points out one of the flaws for enrollment.

“if you want young people to sign up maybe you shouldn’t have made the law so you can stay on your parent’s plan until you turn 26. what kid is going to say, no thanks mom and dad, I got the premiums covered.”

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