Valentine’s Day, a day of loving

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Valentine’s Day! Everybody’s favorite Hallmark holiday right?? Well if you’re home right now watching NewsFix, chances are you didn’t prepare much for the day, or maybe you just don’t know how. Don’t worry we got you covered, we caught up with Annette Holmes of Simply Sweet Gestures for some very last minute ideas to salvage your Valentine’s Day, here’s what she had to say; “You should make it very custom and personable, do a love letter or a post it note to show them what you really think about them and then send it to them with kisses and things on it that say hey I didn’t want to do something generic, I want you to know exactly what I think about you. Maybe a picnic in a park tomorrow, tomorrow it’s gonna be beautiful outside in Houston, Get a picnic basket with all of her sweet little favorite little treats and sit outside and do something that says I love you.”

And what would this day of love be without a Marriage? This happy couple is at the courthouse downtown, falling victim to cupid and tying the knot on the most romantic of days. Vernita Bradley says “Today is the day I will be able to start spending the rest of my life with the person I love the most. He decided that if it was on Valentine’s Day he’d always remember our anniversary” Her new husband, Deodrick said “We’re gonna go to San Antonio to the River Walk, and then next month we’ll go to the Bahamas on our honeymoon.”

So cheers to all you love birds out there! For all you flying solo, keep up the great work!

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