Dinosaurs unleashed this weekend at Reliant Center

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HOUSTON, TX – This weekend Reliant Park has been turned into Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes are front and center at the Dinosauria Experience.

“We have something for everyone in the family. We have dinosaurs, we have gems, we have fossils, we have face painting, we have all kinds of inflatable amusements,” explains the show’s producer Brian Fischer. “It’s not only entertaining but educational as well.”

Activities also include a gem mine, a fossil dig for kids, and animatronic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

And though dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, at the Dinosauria Experience, you can ride ’em, pet ’em and even follow ’em around!

And if you get tired of dinosaurs, there are also fairies!

“We have the tooth fairy here,” explains one of the costumed creatures. “You know all about her. She goes to your house, she gets your teeth, and then what does she do with them? You have to come to the Reliant Center to find out.”

Houston is the first stop ever for this brand new traveling roadshow. It runs this weekend 10 to 8pm Saturday and 10 to 6 Sunday. Check it out, and let your imagination Dino-soar!

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