Houston minister sentenced to 20 years for possessing 200 pounds of pot

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HOUSTON, TX – A Houston man who claims to be a minister probably feels like repenting today after being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

His crime? Possession with intent to distribute 200 pounds of marijuana.

It all started with a routine traffic stop back in 2010. A Gulfport, Mississippi, deputy sheriff caught a whiff of something rather pungent and discovered the massive stash in Henry Jackson Parker Jr.’s van.

Now Mr. Parker testified that he’s a minister, but NewsFix did a little digging and couldn’t find where he does his preaching. Hmmm….

This past week, the judge decided to suspend 10 years of Parker’s sentence, leaving him 10 years to serve. But the pot loving pastor could be eligible for parole and back on the streets even sooner.