Woman cuts off tattoo, mails to ex-boyfriend

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LONDON, ENGLAND – We’ve all heard some pretty crazy stories of women freaking out when their men cheat… but this story… takes the cake!

But before we tell ya, we have to warn you, it’s pretty graphic… sure to make your skin crawl…

26-year-old Torz Reynolds of London thought her boyfriend of two years broke up with her because he moved to Alaska to take a dream job. She even saw him off at the airport.

But a week later Ms. Reynolds found out her man had instead moved in with a woman he’d been having an affair with for six months. yYkes…

And that’s when she took her revenge to the chopping blocks… literally.

She took a scalpel to her arm, and removed the tattoo she had done of her man’s nickname “Chopper”…

She says it took her an hour and a half to carefully slice the skin from her arm.

And it doesn’t stop there… once it was removed she threw it in a jar, put a bow on it … and mailed “Chopper” the piece of skin!

Agh! Just terrible!

That’s one ex girlfriend who’s definitely one cut about the rest.