Crack pipe vending machines are smoking in Canada

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VANCOUVER, CANADA – Vending machines are great when you need a snack or something to drink. But a vending machine in Canada isn’t dispensing any of it, it dispenses crack pipes.

As crazy as it sounds, advocates behind the machines say it’s actually about keeping the addicts safe. They say because the pipes are expensive, addicts tend to use them even when they’re cracked or broken. Many times they cut their lips and pass that pipe to someone else, and that’s how diseases are spread.

The idea isn’t that far out of left field. The U.S. has medically supervised injection sites where they give clean needles to heroin users. Vancouver also has one, and it’s run by the same non-profit responsible for the vending machines.

The federal government tried shutting down the clinic, but the Supreme Court of Canada sided with the clinic.

Of course, not everyone is okay with paraphernalia dispensing machines, but whether they’re for it or against it, one side is bound to crack.

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