Inmate escapes jail to be with girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

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PHOENIX, AZ – Love can make you do some crazy things! A heartbroken inmate broke out of jail to see his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. But the lovebird went back to being a jailbird after cops caught up with him. You know what they say, sometimes it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Pinal County Sheriff’s office says 40-year-old Joseph Andrew Dekenipp allegedly climbed two walls and crawled through barbed-wire to bust out of his Arizona jail cell, determined to spend Valentine’s Day with his honey. The Romeo on the run managed to elude the law for a few hours as a man-hunt ensued. How romantic!

Dekenipp’s date night was cut short three hours later when cops finally tracked him down at a bar and grill 10 miles away from the jailhouse. Authorities say he needed to get patched-up for serious cuts he got from razor wire during his escape, before he was returned to his cell.

Originally locked-up for various charges including suspected car theft, unlawful fighting and driving on a suspended license, Dekenipp is now also facing an escape charge. Looks like this Valentine will be apart from his girl for a longer period of time.

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