Pricey Pads: The city with the highest rent is …

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WILLISTON, ND – It’s time for a pop quiz: what U.S. city would you guess has the highest rent?

Nope, it’s not New York City, Los Angeles, or any of the big cities you’d expect. The award for the highest rent in the country goes to….Williston, North Dakota!

In Williston, a 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment goes for almost $2400. Ouch. To compare, the same size apartment can be rented for the nice low price of $817 here in good ol’ Houston.

So…whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Williston? Well, here’s the deal. It’s all about the oil.

Williston happens to sit smack dab in the middle of the Bakken rock formation. Inside that formation is liquid black gold.

Just a decade ago, Williston’s population was around 12,000. Today it’s soared to over 30,000.

As the city tries to play catch up, the growing demand for housing has caused prices to skyrocket, driving some to live in tents, RVs or even out of their cars.

Let’s face it, no one likes to pay rent. But the next time you feel like complaining about it, just think of the people out there in Williston. Hey, it could be worse.