HFD Union files lawsuit against City of Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water, according to the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 341.

The HFD Union says it needs its six ambulances and one medic unit back on the road again, along with the cancellation of the rolling brownouts.

Last week the city of Houston decided how to deal with the fire department’s $8.5 million deficit.

They took a total of seven department vehicles out of commission and implemented rolling brownouts, looking to save around $1.5 million.

Now things are really heating up. In response the HFD Union filed a temporary restraining order against the fire department and the city hoping to stop the rolling brown outs.

President of the Houston Fire Fighters Association, Local 341, Bryan Sky-Eagle says, “We don’t know how the judge will rule on this but we’re doing everything we can to protect the lives of the citizens and the fire fighters.” Bryan Sky-Eagle highlighted three specific instances in the last three days where parked ambulances caused delays in getting help to Houstonians in need

Mayor Parker says the city raised the fire department’s budget last year, and the department’s got to learn to make due.

Mayor Parker says, in part, “The union is simply mistaken in their position… It’s never going to be our intention to compromise public safety, but I expect budget integrity from all of my departments.”

While meeting a budget is ideal, if it comes at the expense of saving lives then it makes no cents!

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