Houston Texans treat kids to the theater

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HOUSTON, TX – We might look sometimes at the history of how we conquered our civil rights just like a play, with performers, bright lights and a previously written plot. But the truth is, we can now enjoy a life of possibilities thanks to all those who fought for and devoted their own lives to a dream.

The Houston Texans celebrate Black History Month by taking 100 children from the Boys & Girls Club and the Houston Texans YMCA to the Ensemble Theater to see “I, Barbara Jordan”, a play that chronicles the life and accomplishments of the first African-American ever elected to the Texas Senate.

“I don’t know where we would be today had we not had a Barbara Jordan fighting for the people, fighting for rights, making laws and changing laws,” said Detria Ward, the actress playing Barbara Jordan.

Some individuals become legends not only because of what they’ve managed to do, but because of the hope they still inspire among us.

“I feel inspired because she is from where I’m from,” explained student Meashell Crosby. “I’m growing up in the Fifth Ward just as she did.  And we get put down a lot, but by watching this play I know that I can do the same thing and help people.”

Barbara Jordan was also the first Southern black female elected to the United States House of Representatives and the first African-American woman to deliver the keynote speech at a Democratic National Convention.  If you or your children are looking for a role model — here’s a good one.

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