Anti-Defamation League invites former Neo-Nazi Skinhead to speak

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HOUSTON, TX – When looking for a guest speaker for the Anti-Defamation League, you normally don’t think former Neo-Nazi Skinhead.

Regional Director of the ADL, Martin Cominsky, explains, “The ADL believes hate is learned and that hate can be unlearned, even someone that goes as far as Frank.”

Frank Meeink went in to prison a Neo-Nazi Skinhead.

“I started hanging around some of these skinhead guys, they kinda just showed me love,” he explains.

They didn’t just show him love, they taught him hate.

“I got a lot of accolades in the movement for being violent.”

That violence led to a 3-year stint in prison. It was the inmates he met inside that started to change his heart.

It was the news coverage from the Oklahoma City bombing that sparked him to become an activist, knowing people that believed as he once did wanted to commit such acts.

Frank has also started a program called Harmony Through Hockey where he teaches kids of all races and backgrounds about hockey, and about real life lessons. Teaching hockey, but more importantly, empathy.

Frank explains it as “Exactly knowing what someone’s going through because you’ve gone through it yourself or you are going through it. Find a way you can show empathy to someone today, and you can change someone’s life.”