‘As I Lay Dying’ singer pleads guilty to murder-for-hire plot

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SAN DIEGO, CA – The band ‘As I Lay Dying’ is used to Grammy nominations, but on May 2, the only announcement front man Tim Lambesis is going to get will be his fate. Lambesis pleaded guilty to his role in a murder-for-hire plot. The intended victim was his estranged wife.

Prosecutors say last year, Lambesis was doing more than working out at his local gym. He allegedly asked a trainer for a connection to find someone who could kill his wife Meggan. Lambesis reportedly even went as far as to give an undercover agent an envelope with cash, his wife’s picture and address, gate codes and even specific dates he would have the kids. He wanted to use his kids as his alibi.

A motive all turns back to money. Lambesis wasn’t happy his wife was going to get 60% of his income after their divorce, and that she wasn’t letting their children go on tour with him.