Changes coming to Delta and American Airlines

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NEW YORK, NY – Talk about some turbulent times for airlines, like at California’s Oakland International Airport. The smell of smoke-filled Skywest flight 4454 coming in from Los Angeles late Wednesday. Thankfully not much happened. The flight still made it on time and no one was hurt.

But you know what’s going to start hurting passengers? Their pocketbooks! Delta announced a major revamp to the way it calculates frequent flier rewards. Delta’s Skymiles will now reward customers based on the price of a ticket, not the miles flown. Simply put, if you’re in first class you would get a lot of miles. If you’re flying coach, you’d get much less.

Isn’t the point of trying to get miles is because you can’t afford a first class ticket? As you can imagine, passengers aren’t too thrilled.

American Airlines is also making some not-so-thrilling changes. They’ve ended their bereavement fares. Those fares are for when passengers have to book a last-minute flight because of a death in the family. The airline says instead customers can buy changeable and refundable tickets now, and they can apply future reservations to a last-minute flight. Any fees for making such changes will now be waived.

It’s not just the passengers that are hurting. Airline workers in Australia are feeling quite the punch, too. Qantas Airlines says it will cut 5,000 jobs over the next three years after some heavy financial loss. How heavy? More than $200 million heavy!

So whether in the sky or on the ground, airlines are certainly feeling quite turbulent these days!