Colorado high on profits; dispatcher high on duty

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PUEBLO COUNTY, CO – Just one month into marijuana being legal in Colorado, one county says its dispensary’s pot profits have topped a million dollars. That equates to almost $60,000 in tax revenue for Pueblo County.

Speaking of getting baked, Girl Scout cookies are starting to become more controversial than cannabis.

A new rule issued by the organization in Colorado says that scouts should not sell cookies in front of dispensaries. That strategy helped one girl in California sell about 120 boxes in two hours. It’s all about location, location, location, as they say. Which, apparently no one told Vicki Boyung.

Boyung was a police dispatcher in Carnegie, Colorado, until she (allegedly) got caught doing dope on-duty. Police say surveillance shows the dispatcher smoking weed out in the garage, while an officer was trying to connect with her from the field. He ended up returning to the station, figuring it out and arresting her.

The mayor says Boyung has resigned from her job.