Police step up no-refusal during RodeoHouston

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HOUSTON, TX – The rodeo is about good times and good food, and the DA’s Office with law enforcement agencies want it to stay that way!

To combat drunk driving, Harris County has a no refusal policy year round, but for the month of March, they’re stepping it up a notch.

“We’re going to have a central location, it’s called central intox. We’ll have judges, nurses and prosecutors who are extra. The officer can stop, get the warrant, the judge can read it, sign it and there’s a nurse right there ready to take the blood,” said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

Rodeo vendors and the cook-off folks, want their guests to be safe as well.

Jan Brown, Head Bartender with Rich’s Raiders said, “We think it’s great, we support the law enforcement in this area. We take initiative inside monitoring the people that are partaking in alcohol.”

But in case someone gets behind the wheel after drinking too much here’s a warning.

“My deputies will be out there bating and hooking them,” says Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. We’re going to turn them over to Devon Anderson so she can fry them and bake them and she knows how to do that well.”

And here’s another warning, after a rash of car break-ins at rodeo parking lots last Year, security is being stepped up as well.

“We’re bringing in there sky view towers that have night time vision, so we’re going to have a good view of our public lots that we control,” according to Mike DeMarco, Executive Director of the Operations Division at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

But as with drinking, you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

Lock your car, don’t leave any valuables in plain sight. Be safe; don’t drink and drive.

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