Potent new pain pill Zohydro sparks controversy

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HOUSTON, TX – More than forty advocacy groups, over two dozen attorneys general and a several members of congress want the Food and Drug Administration to pull its support Zohydro. The painkiller is a so-called “opioid” drug, and it is said to be five times more potent than anything on the market now.

The fear is that such a strong pill will cause a spike in addictions and death, in a climate where prescription opioid drugs have already been linked with thousands of deaths a year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The drug’s maker, Zogenix, says benefits will outweigh risks. The company says the pills are appropriate for people with specific kinds, and intense degrees, of chronic pain.

But if Zohydro’s roll-out is like its predecessors, many say that narrow customer base will likely expand. They say it often goes back to the bottom line.