Disney to cut funding to Boy Scouts

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Mickey Mouse is pulling the plug on the homophobic boy scouts.

The Walt Disney company says that come 2015 it will no longer fund the organization because of the scout’s policy that bans gay adult troop leaders. In a startling reaction to the news that Disney wasn’t messing around with its Mickey Mouse moola, the Boy Scouts made a startling announcement of their own.

Wait – they reversed their policy? They invited gay scout leaders to join in? No! They announced they were – and we quote – “disappointed.”

With corporate sponsors dropping like flies, the Boy Scouts organization says losing the money hurts — it won’t be able to provide the scouting experience to all the scouts who want to participate. The group Scouts for Equality feels differently. In their statement on the matter they said, “Disney made the right decision to withhold support until scouting is fully inclusive.”