Dogs don’t feel shame and guilt

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a dog gone shame, but apparently shaming our dogs doesn’t do any good – well, except entertain us.

You should ignore the puppy dog eyes, flattened ears and tucked tail because experts say, dogs don’t feel guilt. Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a professor at Texas A&M and an animal behaviorist says the lowered head and tucked tail is a reaction to your reaction.

Our dogged research took us to a local dog park to get the 411 from man’s best friend.

Dog owner Kat says, “They are masters at reading body language and I think that they’re picking up on our cues more than an internal sense of guilt.”

“They might show the feeling of guilt in that way but really it’s just a reaction to the expression on my face when I come home,”  says Jake who has 2 furry friends.

Other pet parents say it’s not them – their dogs are guilty.

This is not the first study on the guilty dog look. The first was in 2009 in the book “Inside a Dog” had the same conclusion – though apparently some dogs decided to chew on the topic a bit more.

Don’t worry, you can still shame your dog online; but just know unless you catch them in the act, your buddy won’t connect the crime to the punishment.