Medal of Honor recipient speaks at Houston VA

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HOUSTON, TX – The word hero is overused, but not in this case.

People packed a conference room at the DeBakey VA Med Center to hear Medal of Honor recipient Army Staff Sergeant Ty M. Carter. Carter was decorated with our nation’s highest military award for Valor and Service Beyond the Call of Duty on his 2009 tour in Afghanistan. His mission today is to help others who battle Post-Traumatic Stress.

“A lot of people call it Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” says the Staff Sergeant. “I’m actually trying to get them to drop the “D” because it’s not a disorder. It’s a huge stigma; part of the stigma is that if people think they have a disorder then they think they’ll be perceived as weak.”

Carter knows the feeling because he too battles PTS.

“Hopefully the things I say today will hit home for a lot of people to where if they are experiencing some issues that they seek help either with a professional or with family or friends.”

His visit hit home with many in the audience and there was no shortage of veterans and civilians who wanted to shake his hand and meet him.

But we wanted to know the really important things like – what’s his favorite food?

“I like very large burritos with everything in them.”

Favorite junk food?

“The red vines licorice. The big thick ones in the bag- especially when it’s sealed and they’re fresh they melt in your mouth.  They’re awesome.”

How had the Medal of Honor changed him?

“Because of the award and what it represents, I have to constantly step outside my comfort zone. Whether you believe it or not, I rarely smile. I only smile when I’m uncomfortable. Ha ha ha.”

This Medal of Honor recipient smiled and laughed a lot today; he must have been VERY uncomfortable.