Safe Sex Goes Digital with Shocking ‘Electric Eel’ Condom

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Safe sex just went digital. Due to the fact that most guys hate to strap one on, last March, Bill and Melinda Gates challenged innovators worldwide to invent the “Next Generation Condom”. That way guys can’t use the excuse, “it doesn’t feel as good.”

Well two Georgia Tech students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer have come up with an “Electric Eel” condom. They describe it as an “open-source digital condom prototype using electrodes and soft-circuitry.” In laymen’s terms, it supplies mild vibrations — a “digital” rather than “physical” enhancement to the standard condom, as the creators put it.

The Electric Eel is only a prototype, so you won’t find any high-tech condoms in your local drugstore anytime soon.

Call me crazy but is this truly safe sex? Anytime you mention “voltage” “circuitry” and “electricity” coming near my “Virginia”, I’m sorry I dry up like the Sahara. And I kind of doubt a guy is going to want to strap on the Electric Gadget condom.

But you know what at least this gets us talking about Safe Sex. Because if you’re looking to get “shocked” check out these stats. According to new government reports, there are nearly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections each year in the United States.

So I look forward to seeing who comes out on top with the best condom and earns the $1 million prize. If it is the “Electric Eel”, I have a feeling you might need a lubricated version, for her pleasure, and call it the “Electric Slide”.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.