Winter weather conditions wreak havoc throughout Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – If you were one of the lucky ones, you woke up to some pretty ice covered trees, white frost on roof-tops, and one last excuse to put out the ole winter coat. No big problems, and weather warning signs were really the only flashing lights you saw.

The less fortunate Houstonians (living further north) woke up to less of a winter-wonderland. Some areas saw tree limbs snapped by the weight of ice, highways and exit ramps had to be shut down, and nearly 40,000 Centerpoint customers were sitting in the dark.

The largest power outage in the city had 590 residents of a Briar Forest area apartment complex without electricity, but they kept their cool (no pun intended) using candles and flashlights to make-due.

Fortunately, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, in the Heights, had a cold-weather-contingency plan.

They had to rely on back-up generators to keep the hospital running when they lost power, but according to patients’ visitors there wasn’t really any interruption in services.

There was, however, an interruption in air travel. Nearly 180-flights at Bush and Hobby Airports had to be cancelled. Not bad, compared to the thousands of cancellations last week, but get this.

According to Masflight, January’s weather alone has cost passengers $2.5 Billion thanks to flight delays and cancellations.

So, while Houston’s certainly not seen the worst of the winter weather, we can still say March 20th couldn’t come soon enough!!