You could soon be indentified by your body odor

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MADRID, SPAIN – Hello science fans, today we’re talking biometric authentication.

If you have an iPhone 5 you’ve probably used the fingerprint sensor – which is a form of biometrics. A few other methods are: facial recognition, retina scans and palm and finger prints – all identify people by their characteristics.

Now, researchers at the University of Polytechnic in Madrid, Spain are developing a new recognition technique that really stinks. This system would verify people by their body odor. Think sniffing computer.

It may smell fishy but supposedly our B.O. is unique and constant enough, that we can be tracked with 85% accuracy. It’s also less intrusive than retina and fingerprint scanners or a frisking by Fido.

One variable, disease, diet and mood can alter your aroma so the stench sniffing system isn’t full proof. Also, in order for the whole concept to work, everyone would have to surrender their funky fragrance to create a database. Sharing your bouquet may sound invasive, but could it be worse than a TSA frisking?