Believe it or not, there are parking options in Galveston

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GALVESTON, TX – So you’re heading to Galveston, ready to take the island by storm and gobble up all the excitement you possibly can this spring break. Well, one thing you’re definitely going to want to consider into your cost is parking.

Elizabeth Rogers, PIO for the City of Galveston says, “In may 2011 voters implemented a paid parking ordinance along seawall boulevard, we just implemented that last year. It’s extremely affordable, it’s $1 an hour or $8 a day to park on seawall, or there’s an option to buy an annual pass for $25.

It’s a lot like Monopoly if you think about it, the more prime the real estate, be it a bar or restaurant, or family friendly beaches, the more money it’s going to cost to park there. Makes sense right?

Rogers also ads, “There is free parking along Seawall Boulevard if you go west of 69th street, through 81st street, there are free parking spaces available there, and there are some spots along Seawall Boulevard heading east bound that are free as well.

Galveston didn’t make it into the running for the best spring break destination for nothin’. But be warned, when it comes to parking, just because it’s a “stay-cation”, doesn’t mean your bank balance will “stay” the same.

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