Cremation heating up the funeral biz

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BELLAIRE, TX – There are two things true of every person on Earth: we’re all born, and we all die. Folks have always been thrilled to talk about births and new babies but have avoided death like the plague. These days, though, that’s all changing.

With programs like HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” people are more open to discussions of death and funerals, says Jeff Friedman, funeral director and COO at Distinctive Life Cremations and Funerals.

“It opened up the doors to what really happened behind the walls of a funeral home,” says Friedman. “We were getting calls after every show with more questions about the funeral industry.”

What’s the hottest trend in funerals today? “Cremation’s really risen over the last five years. 12 years ago, we were only at only 20% cremation…. the most recent stat is Texas is at 42% cremation.” And the urns for the ashes have changed, too. Now you can send your loved one out to sea in a biodegradable urn or wear a bit of their ashes in a heart-shaped urn around your neck.

“People are really wanting to celebrate the life of their loved one in a way that was unique to the family,” explains Friedman, “rather than the traditional going to the church… you know, the same funeral that Mrs. Smith had.”

For more on how to put the “fun” in your funeral, check out this month’s Houstonia magazine.

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