Realtors caught having sex in client’s home

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WAYNE, NJ – There are a few things to know when buying desirable property, but location, location “fornication” is not it!
Two New Jersey real estate agents are feeling the heat after surveillance video allegedly shows the realtors in a sex romp. Looks like commission wasn’t the only thing these two brokers were banking on.

Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan are accused of turning an expensive property into a cheap motel back in 2012. The now former Coldwell Banker real estate agents were both married to others, well at least before this whole affair.

The home belonged to Mr. Richard Weiner (yes, Dick Weiner) of Wayne New Jersey. The owner claims that instead of selling the house, the agents jacked up the price of the property to $650,000 in hopes that home would sit on the market and stay available as a love shack for the two realtors. You can say they held an Open house, and then some!

Wiener became suspicious and set-up a surveillance camera. The footage allegedly shows the agents getting frisky in the kitchen and then moving over to the master bedroom for dessert. The owner tipped the cops off about the tryst and the two were literally caught with their pants down.

Wiener sued the realtors and now (in a shocking twist) the agents are counter-suing the ex-owner for allegedly blackmailing them with the video footage. Weather you’re in the market for a home or on the market for yourself, guess this whole mess is a good example of how hard it is to sell a house these days!

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