Stratford HS holds mock crash to show students danger of drunk driving

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HOUSTON, TX – Thoughts of spring break might be on the minds of many local high school students, but for those attending Stratford High School in west Houston, a shocking demonstration drove home the dangers of being reckless during this upcoming recess.

First responders arrived at a mock tragic scene at the high school staged by the “Harris Health System” to convey the dangers of underage alcohol and drug use. According to Harris Health officials, Harris County is number one in the nation for DWI fatalities, DWI arrests and underage DWI, so about a dozen student actors and real-life police, EMTs and firefighters helped stage an alcohol-related accident performed live in front of 1,300 high school juniors and seniors.

The end result of the eight students, four in each of the two cars involved in this mock crash. Two were quickly pronounced fake dead on scene. The re-enactment spared no reality, one was taken by ambulance and another student was air-lifted out. The rest were treated on site with various injuries.

A sobering reminder for these teens to take with them on spring break, of what can happen when you mix drinking with driving.

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