GM airbag failure controversy

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is lodging troubling allegations against General Motors.

Nader’s public interest group, the center for auto safety, has released some alarming new stats.

It claims 303 deaths in gm cars due to airbags that failed to deploy.

The reason these numbers are so disturbing.

GM reports only12 deaths…and links those to a defect in an ignition switch that causes the car to shut down while driving….and disables the airbag system in some compact cars.

That’s what led to them recalling more than 1.6 million of the compacts worldwide.

So which is it?

303 or 12…

These numbers aren’t even close!

The new report and higher death toll puts the pressure on gm… which says the safety group’s report misrepresents crash data.

In a statement, the company says the conclusions made by the safety group are “pure speculation.”

GM is conducting an investigation into the faulty switch.

Sounds like GM needs to hit the gas and get to the bottom of this… so airbags can do what they’re supposed to do, and help keep people safe!