Idaho hockey fans sue arena over misleading beer prices

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HOUSTON, TX – Size is in the eye of the beer-holder. A bunch of Idaho hockey fans sued the Centurylink Arena in Boise saying they were mislead by the prices when the bought a “large” $7 cup, believing it holds more beer than a “small” $4 cup. They even posted a video on YouTube to prove it doesn’t.

After attending at least 30 events over a period of three years, these fans realized they were paying an extra $3 each time for nothing. So now they’re demanding a $10,000 compensation.

But would you really trust a drunken fan with measurements? We had no choice but to hit the Rodeo to see first hand how we do things here in Texas.

We bought a large cup of beer from a booth at the food court and we had to pay for the empty small cup too. It took us a few trials to find out the truth: in the Bayou City a large cup of beer is larger than a small cup. But hold on. Here’s the catch: the small cup is actually more expensive.

We paid $9.25 for a large cup of local beer, and $9.75 for the small cup, which is only for premium beer.

So “here everything is… different.” Either way, now that we’re done with the beer, cowboy, let’s try and tame those crazy horses.