Texas Man’s Anti-Obama Bumper Decal Gets Nationwide Buzz

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A Tyler, TX man’s truck decal is stopping traffic.

On the back of East Texas Oil and Gas man, John Graham’s pickup you will see a big picture of President Obama wearing a turban. It then says, “Does this Socialist A** Make my Truck Look TOO BIG?”

Graham says he put the bumper wrap on there back in 2009 and won’t take it down until President Obama is out of office.

Pictures of the tailgate have been passed around New Mexico, Colorado, and Vermont.

Shocker, Graham is a conservative. Wonder what gave that away?! He says he used the image to serve as local precinct chairman for the Republican Party.

Many in his area call the decoration unnecessarily offensive. Graham says he’s just exercising free speech.

And yes, he does have that right. Politics aside it’s just tacky and disrespectful. I don’t care who our President is.  Plus, I hate bumper stickers to begin with and this is just too much! But I guess what they say is true down here in Texas “Go Big or Go Home.” I’d keep this truck parked at home in my garage.

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