Pro BMXers post video using homeless people as obstacles

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A group of professional BMX riders freestylin’ has a lot of people upset. A video went viral of them using unsuspecting homeless people as obstacles.

One guy feeling the heat is Adam Grandmission. He owns a BMX store in the area and got flack for posting the video on social media.

“We didn’t make this video. We don’t support what was in it or whatever, and I do think it was a slight lack of judgment on my part to basically re-tweet it in the first place,” said Grandmission.

Herb Smith, who runs the LA Mission to help the homeless is undoubtedly bothered by the video.

“They deserve to have more respect. They are people of worth, and they are worthy of being taken care of. They shouldn’t be treated as any other stump or wood or whatever object might be jumped over by a biker,” said Smith.

But with the 16 second video trending online, it doesn’t seem like these BMX riders will be jumping over this controversy anytime soon.