Stafford HS catcher grabs class act of the week

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STAFFORD, TX – “The sound of the ball hitting the bat is like the best sound on Earth. I love that sound. It’s like amazing.”

Joey Perez describes how he fell in love with baseball at an early age, and that passion is paying dividends as the senior from Stafford High School nabs CW39’s Class Act of the Week

Stafford High School head baseball coach Quirino Silva says, “This is my first year being the head coach and coming into this year, I knew that he was going to be my team captain. There was no doubt about it. His leadership qualities are just very, very superior. The kids look up to him.”

Perez adds, “It was a great honor when coach nominated me. I was ecstatic. It was the best, and I do play a big role on the team. I respect the team for listening to me when they need to listen to me.”

Perez’s teammates should listen to their team captain.

Coach Silva says, “Joey is a great student-athlete. I emphasize student first because that’s what he is. I had him in class last year and he carried about a 90 average in my U.S. history class.”

Perez has already been accepted to Texas A&M- Kingsville. He’s hoping to continue playing baseball there, although, he’ll have to dispel the notion that a guy with a lanky frame can’t play catcher.

Perez says, “I get that a lot. You’re a catcher? Yeah I’m a catcher sorry.”

Coach Silva adds, “People look at him and they don’t think he can throw the ball and it doesn’t take but two or three attempts in a game then they realize we can’t steal on this guy.”

Perez likes proving people wrong,

“It’s like a challenge for me and I accept that challenge. I say if you don’t think I’m a catcher, I’ll show you I’m a catcher so you all see.”

Perez hopes to make a career out of his passion.

“I actually want to be a coach. I would love to be a coach and coach baseball. I mean that would be like my dream.”
Coach Silva adds, “When he hears he can’t do it it makes him want it even more so I think he can and he is going to be a very successful person in his life.”

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