Suspect charged in SXSW accident, fest continues

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HOUSTON, TX – It was rough to wake up to news about the tragedy at South by Southwest in Austin overnight. Two people are dead and 23 others were injured when Rashad Owens allegedly crashed through a barricade and raced through a crowded street to evade police. And it looks like he may have been drunk at the wheel.

The Houston music scene has a huge presence at the festival. The little music festival started in 1987 and has grown to be one of the premier music festivals in the country.

Cactus Music is a big part of the music scene in Houston, and many of the employees are performing there this week. One customer, Matt Hommel, says with how big the festival has grown, and with how much alcohol is flowing, he’s surprised it hasn’t happened before.

But regardless of how big the crowd is, or how hard they party, the sad consensus is that this could happen anywhere.

The big takeaway is that no matter if it’s this weekend at SXSW, or your weekend plans at home, don’t drink and get behind the wheel. Too often the consequences are tragic.