Underwear company offers costumers $50K worth of penis insurance

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MONTREAL, CANADA – Everybody knows insurance offers a piece of mind to those looking to protect their most prized assets. Now an underwear company is getting into the swing of things, by not only promising to cover the family jewels of their male costumers physically, they’ll cover them financially as well.

Montreal based boxer and brief maker UNDZ is offering a $50,000 penis insurance policy to guys who buy three or more of the product online. Their website proclaims this phallic security is backed up by non-other than Lloyd’s of London and can be cashed out if your manhood becomes “detached” from your body.

Not only does your tally-wacker need to be whack off completely, the insurance form found online stipulates the separation has to be an accident as demonstrated on a video the company posted.

Sex change operations are not covered, along with “self” detachment or if a jealous lover lops it off. Like we said before, insurance offers a piece of mind and UNDZ wants your penis to be in good hands. Now that’s something to make you stand-up and take notice!