Australian air search comes up empty

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AUSTRALIA – More disappointment and less evidence as the search goes on for missing Malaysia flight 370.

No debris found during the overnight search in the southern Indian ocean—one of the most isolated places in the world.  Search planes must fly nearly fifteen-hundred miles off the southwest coast of Australia, making a four-hour trip just to get to the search area.  Recent satellite photos revealed what may be debris from the missing plane, but the Australian Prime Minister now says the debris may not be from flight 370.

“It could be a container that’s fallen off a ship.  We just don’t know….but we owe it to the families and the friends and the loved ones of the almost 240 people on flight M-H 3-7-0 to do everything we can to try to resolve is what is as yet, an extraordinary riddle,” Tony Abbott says.

A riddle indeed that remains unsolved.  Families and friends are losing hope.

Grief Counselor Paul Yin says “There are some family members upon hearing the news has appeared to have accepted finality that their loved ones are not coming back.”