Happy 8th birthday Twitter!

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HOUSTON – Happy birthday Twitter!  The social media giant is now 8 years old.  If it’s hard for you to remember the days before Twitter, we can help.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, was making a “killing “at the box office and Daniel Powter was having a “good day” with a song about a “bad day.”

Twitter is celebrating its b-day by letting users look back at their first tweets- whether it was 8 years ago or 8 days.  The lookback is a mix of those testing the “TwitterSphere” like Mayor Parker, Jimmy Fallon and even NewsFix.  As well as those pimping projects- like Lady Gaga, Britney and Justin Bieber. This was “baby Bieber”- back before he was a punk.

Speaking of bad news, being followed on Twitter may have a new meaning.  IBM researchers say they have a formula to track down any user’s home city.  To find you, data gurus would use, among other things, metadata from your last 200 tweets. This “techy tracking” could be used for advertising purposes.  Now, it seems like being “followed” on Twitter may not always be a good thing.