IRS scam takes millions

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HOUSTON – Spring is here. Great time to hit the water and do a little fishing. But beware. Scammers are out doing a little phishing of their own. And so far, they’ve hooked plenty. In fact, the IRS is calling it the biggest tax scam ever.

“Scammers are claiming to be IRS agents and they’re calling people, just randomly, claiming that they have taxes that they owe and then they’re asking people to pay up,” Leah Napoliello with the Better Business Bureau of Houston explains. And as much of a no-brainer as it sounds, scammers have already taken folks for more than a million dollars. And as convincing as modern scam artists can be, not everyone is surprised.

“With technology the way it is nowadays, people have more ability to manipulate other people,” Houstonian Ben Good admits.

“I definitely get a lot of those rotary callings, or whatever, computerized, and forget it,” Kat Behaine says. “And also the out-of-the-area area-codes that you don’t recognize and there’s no reason for them.”

Just like your bank and credit card companies, the IRS won’t call you. And they certainly won’t demand payment over the phone. When in doubt, hang up. After all, if it really is the IRS calling, they’ll know how to find you. Trust us.