Man attempts to bike across the world

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HOUSTON, TX – This British policeman is on a journey to help others.

“Hi my name is Bruce Smart. I’m from the UK and I’m riding around the world on a motorbike for charity. My mom was the inspiration for this. I sold everything I own back in the UK. I’ve credit carded myself up to the max. Ah, it’s been tough at times but there’s no way I’ll not do this.”

“The people all around the world have been incredibly welcoming, friendly, generous. I’ve had complete random strangers- middle of Russia, middle of Siberia- they don’t speak any English but they’ll come up to me and the next thing you’re invited back to their home and they’re looking after you, housing you, feeding you and it’s been like that all around the world.”

“They had a civil war in Mauritania. I got robbed about 10 times a day for about 2 weeks, nonstop.”  “I thought the dream was over and Delta Energy came on board and rekindled the dream.”  “I’ve covered just over 61,000 miles so far.  It’s going to be around 75 to 80,000 miles when I’m finished.”  “Yeah, my butt gets sore but at the end of the day it’s worth it to try to raise a bit of money for these 5 charities.”  “One of the ways the general public has helped is on the website you can donate a tank of petrol or gas as you Yanks say.”

“The welcome I’ve had in the states- particularly Texas, I’ve fallen in love with Texas. The place is awesome and the food is fantastic.”

He’ll cover America, Canada, Ireland and the UK before arriving back in London at 2pm on June 12th.  What a trip!

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