Study says minority students face harsher discipline at school

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WASHINGTON, DC – It looks like racial discrimination has a lot to do with the way behavior -or the perception of it- is addressed in schools.  A report released by the U.S. Department of Education suggests minority students face harsher disciplinary sanctions than white kids.

This is the first time in nearly 15 years that the department has compiled data from all 97,000 of the nation’s public schools.  According to the report, racial disparities in school discipline policies actually begin during pre-school.

Officials claim young men of color are disproportionately affected by suspensions and zero-tolerance policies in schools.  Because of that -they say- those students are more likely to repeat a grade, drop out and get into what is known as the school-to-prison pipeline.

The report also highlights the inequalities in opportunities affecting African-American, Latino and American-Indian students.  It claims they don’t enjoy the same level of access to the full range of math and science courses in their high school as do white and Asian-American students.

While educators continue to debate diversity and equality in schools… Students -heads up!-: education is a personal choice.  So, make sure you’re not staying up all night playing candy crush when you should be doing homework, alright?